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Every Sanyukta Shrestha dress has an incredibly luxurious and organic finish as well as a timeless style for which the brand is known for. The unique fabrics used are made from eco friendly materials that protect the skin, prevent skin allergies and ensure that the skin is nourished. 

Working with eco fabrics is a significant part of our commitment to the planet and to you as a consumer. The majority of natural and organic fabrics have amazing qualities that make them healthy choice for you. Natural Fabrics have anti-bacterial properties, which makes it extremely suitable for sensitive skin. Fibres like hemp, bamboo and soya are resistant to UV light, mould, mildew, salt and abrasion.

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Natural fibre are known to be moisture-wicking, breathable, durable and naturally repellent to mould and dirt. The fact that they are created without toxins, pesticides and chemicals make them safe for your skin and perfect for people with sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Natural and organic fibres will protect and nourish your skin without causing rashes, skin irritations or body odour. Typically, natural fabrics are self-regulating materials meaning that are able to adapt to suit any climate as well as keeping you warm in the cold temperatures and cool in the hot temperatures.  


As well as being kind for your skin and a beautiful canvas to work on, natural and organic fibres are environmentally sustainable and renewable and unlike synthetic materials, they are biodegradable and can decompose harmlessly. You can wash, reuse and easily recycle these fibres without harming the environment.



Bespoke Real Bride – Katherine

“Dear Sanyukta,

I am just emailing to thank you for my beautiful wedding dress.
I met you at the first designer day you had in Belfast at
Forever Bridal in August 2012.
I fell in love with your Milca dress
and just knew it was the dress for me.
I got married July past in Florence, Italy. Everyone loved the dress.
It is such a unique, beautiful and elegant design and
it was perfect for my outdoor wedding
and the incredible heat (42 degrees Celsius).

Thanks again so much for my dress,
and your help on the day finding it – you were great.

Katherine ”

Bespoke Bride – Telisha

“Honestly, I have never felt so unbelievably glamorous,
yet so comfortable in all my life!
The fabric used was such a lightweight beautiful silk that was incredibly smooth, yet felt like wearing nothing (in a good way)
and because of the bespoke 
design process,
my gown fit me better than any item of clothing I’ve ever owned.
I felt like I was floating on air the whole day.
My husband absolutely loved it as well.

Thank you so much Sanyukta for making me feel
like an absolute goddess on my wedding day.”