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Preserving a Century old Craft


The beauty behind each and every Sanyukta Shrestha gown is in the craftsmanship behind its handspun and hand loomed organic fibres, a century old traditional Nepalese technique. Sanyukta Shrestha is proud to promote a cultural and sustainable model that not only will define the role of our cultural heritage in the new millennium but will also empower local female artisans through our sustainable projects. 

Despite its deep-rooted history and cultural significance, the handspun and hand loomed technique and the artisans behind the intricate fabrics, are on the verge of extinction. As a brand we believe that the artistic value of these ancient techniques is the foundation for our distinctive and aesthetically unique bridal designs and our effort to preserve an over a century old exquisite way of working on a garment.

Sanyukta in khokana village


-The art of twisting and drawing out fibres to create yarn.



Making a yarn with a spindle is one of the most beautiful and traditional methods of creating textiles in Nepal. Using an old wooden spindle wheel, the raw material spins into loose twine before being pulled along and over the wheel onto another smaller wheel where it gets spun tighter. Finally, it makes its way along a spindle onto a metal pole where it is spun into yarn. The organic hemp, bamboo and cotton used across our collections contain fibres that are hand spun to create a yarn that can be turned into fabric. We work with social organisations in Nepal to provide jobs for marginalised women and keep the artisan craft alive. The practice requires a lot of skill and patience, however, the rewards of using this ethical production technique are great and avoid the high energy consumption that steam, or electric powered spinning would otherwise use.

Hand Spinning
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Hand weaving is the art of producing woven material by hand using many weaving techniques in the world. Weaving produces textiles by interlocking two yarns, typically in a perpendicular relationship. The basic way of hand weaving involves the interaction of the warp and the weft threads that lie perpendicular to one another and typically interlock. By changing how the warp and weft threads interact in terms of going over and under one another, a weaver can create textiles with different properties. We use the intricate craft of hand looming in creating the fabrics in our collection that are made from bamboo fibres and organic cotton. These are sourced from Nepalese villagers and local women who tirelessly weave these natural fibres with a great amount of energy and patience.


In our collections, 50% of the fabrics (such as hemp, wild nettle, bamboo, banana, soy, silk, organic cotton) are handspun & handloom in Nepal. Achieving impeccable quality, drawing inspiration from nature’s treasures, empowering women artisans and celebrating Sanyukta’s heritage, is the leading purpose of our brand.


‘The women of the village have been hand weaving fabrics for centuries and I am personally very connected with them as these weavers make the beautiful organic fabrics used in my wedding dress collection.’
-Sanyukta Shrestha

The Timeless Luxury of the Nepalese Craftsmanship 


We understand craft as a map that leads to a discovery of the beauty of the artisan, the country of origin and nature. Craft has the ability to connect past to the present, while looking towards the future. The true beauty behind traditional craftsmanship is the passion and effort that goes on the garment and the joy it brings to the people who treasure it.

We are leading by example in a market dominated by mass-produced items, with cheap and fast production techniques that guarantee to maximise the profit for the people at the top of the chain. Sustainability is at the core of existence both when it comes to our brand and our community, and we are committed in creating handmade and unique designs.

Every product in our collection is crafted with a traditional method that provides a connection with the meticulous work of an item that is handmade from start to finish. We love to be able to describe the special stories behind each of our products, a luxury that is extremely special for our thriving sustainable community of brides and followers. 

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